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Litex Transit Cases

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Vibration Isolation Theory

The Problem

In today's world, increasingly sophisticated equipment together with harsh environmental conditions mean
that engineers are continually faced with improving vibration and shock isolation.

Electronic equipment is often considered for use in environments which are far from compatible with their
original design specifications. Even if the equipment survives initial vibration isolation testing, the life
expectancy and reliability will be considerably reduced unless suitable protection is provided.

Equipment installed in military vehicles, ships and aircraft is subjected to severe shock conditions. Purely
strengthening the equipment to withstand these conditions often means an unnecessary increase in
weight, size and cost. The use of carefully selected vibration isolators is nearly always more efficient in
these respects.

Vibration from plant and machinery is a growing concern when consideration is given to more stringent
environmental regulations coupled with the increased use of lighter construction materials.
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The Solution

Stop-choc are specialists in the design, manufacture and application of shock and vibration isolators.
We have a wide range of standard vibration isolators developed over many years to suit almost every
application from the isolation of individual printed circuit boards to complete off-shore accommodation

Stop-choc engineers have available to them a suite of computer programmes, continually being developed,
together with a wide range of experience to assist them in the analysis of your system.
Should your problem be beyond the capability of a standard vibration isolator, we have the engineering
expertise and facilities to design a special unit, along with the equipment to carry out vibration testing if

Role of a Resilient Mount

Suitable vibration isolation mounts inserted between supporting structures and items of equipment
generally have two roles:

  • An important static role : they provide improved load distribution by compensating for certain
    manufacturing tolerances and thus providing more secure and cheaper installation.
  • A dynamic role : they isolate from vibration and shock, considerably increasing service life of the
    equipment isolated.

Contact us today with your enquiry.

Naval Shock Mounts

Hutchinson Stop-choc designs and manufactures high deflection naval shock mounts to protect equipment and instruments from shock and vibration.

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Our Naval mounts provide excellent shock protection for:

  • Power generation and distribution equipment
  • Shipboard electronics
  • Sensitive equipment and weaponary
  • Naval sonar and radar equipment

We work closely with Naval Consultants, Designers, Shipbuilders and Equipment Suppliers and can offer our expertise in selecting the most suitable isolators for naval applications.
Using proprietary software, we have the capability to model and simulate systems responses in 6 degrees of freedom to a variety of shock & vibration inputs including:

  • UK MAP 01-470 Grade Curves
  • MIL-STD-901 & MIL-STD-167
  • Custom Shock Pulses
  • Random or sinusoidal vibration input including DEF STAN 00-35 & MIL-STD-810

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Transit Cases - EDAK Koolex Cases

Supplied by Hutchinson Stop-choc, the EDAK range of transit cases provide you with the best protection for your specialist packaging needs. EDAK aluminium cases are your solution for transporting sensitive equipment or electronics which require ruggedised packaging.


The Koolex range of products provide temperature control for the contents of the Milex case.

Koolex Milex cases:

  • can vary in complexity according to your needs, from fans to active vapour cycle air conditioning
  • provide safe storage and transport for sensitive mobile electronics
  • provide military-grade protection
  • manufactured to customer specifications
  • koolex Milex cases are tested according to MIL-STD-810F
  • Shock mounts are matched to payload
  • The chassis is electronically grounded to the housing
  • Koolex Milex cases are more compact and light-weight compared to plastic or composite alternatives

Koolex cases can be constructed to screen the electronics in the housing against the effects of electro magnetic interferance and radio frequency interferance.

Contact us today with your enquiry.

SLM Pneumatic Anti-Vibration Mounts - Improving the Accuracy and Resolution of Precision, Optical and Laser Systems

Crucial precision, optical and laser systems require high amounts of stability to ensure their accuracy of results. However slight unintentional movements to the instrument can cause erroneous outcomes and compromises the equipment's valued feature of precision. The solution? A simple yet highly effective pneumatic anti-vibration mount.

What is a Pneumatic Mount?
We were the first company to recognise the need for and produce this type of crucial equipment, intended for use on sensitive machinery. The Stop-choc/Barry Controls SLM mount was designed with the aim of providing outstanding shock and vibration isolation and therefore stability, to the system it is applied to.

Why do you need a pneumatic anti-vibration mount?
If it is important that your equipment is not disturbed by external vibration, a pneumatic anti-vibration mount is ideal. For example, optical and laser apparatus (e.g. microscopes, inspection equipment, optical systems) that are sensitive to slight disturbances will benefit from this key component, increasing the accuracy of the output.

  • Increase accuracy
  • Reduce failure
  • Extend machinery life
  • Low maintenance

  • Pneumatic Damping>li>Low Natural Frequency (3Hz to 5Hz)
  • Range covers wide load range (11kg to 8720kg)
  • Steel re-enforced side wall construction for high loads and shock protection
  • Inflation via standard Schrader value connection
  • Will provide protection if unpressurized (10Hz)
  • Available in either metric or imperial versions
  • Lower profile
  • Simple installation
  • Threaded female insert on top for simple bolt assembly
  • 4 clearance holes on aluminium base for flush mounting

We have an anti-vibration mount to meet your need
The SLM mounts we offer come in various sizes and load ranges to suit your specific application needs. Stop-choc specialise in producing anti-vibration mounts according to your requirements, so you simply need to contact us with your specifications and a member of our technical sales team will be more than happy to assist you.

If you have a query regarding a mount of any kind or any other product you see on our website, please contact us via email at or call us on 01753 607126.

Transit Cases - Milex Transit Case

Stop-choc is the sole UK representative for the EDAK product range. We supply the EDAK range of transit cases for specialist packing requirements.

Milex transit cases were created to provide safe storage and transport for sensitive mobile electronics. They are manufactured exactly to customer specifications and can include a number of accessories including cooling/heating systems, racks, drawers, trays and slides.

Milex cases provide effective protection from vibration and shock including accidental drops, mishandling and exposure to the harsh conditions seen in a military environment. They also provide protection from extreme weather, high temperatures, dust, sand and moisture.

High Deflection Transit Cases

Specialised cases with the chassis mounted on high deflection shock absorbers are used where electronics have to be protected from severe shock. The shock absorbers ensure the necessary deflection, to provide exceptional protection.

  • Tested to military specification
  • IP65 dust and moisture protection
  • Especially suited to military, aerospace, marine and offshore equipment requiring protection from severe shock

    Stop-choc can carry out analysis of your application using our own proprietry vibration and shock analysis software.

    If you have a query regarding transit cases or any of Stop-choc's own products, please feel free to contact us.

    Vibration Isolation - Strasonic - Acoustic Isolation

    What is STRASONIC?

    Strasonic is a range of complex materials designed to provide the best acoustic isolation. Their structure is based on polyurethane foams or cellular rubber. Their main function is to reduce airborne noise (Isolation, Absorption and Damping) in partial or complete enclosures of machinery.

    Due to their design, they are light, easy to handle and a self adhesive side simplifies the installation (depending on the type of foam).

    Where is it used?

    Strasonic material can be used in a range of applications including but not limited to:
    o air conditioning
    o pumps
    o presses
    o compressors
    o gearboxes, electric motors and diesel engines
    o generator sets and turbines,
    o agricultural or construction equipment and other machinery.

    If you have a query regarding acoustic isolation or any of our products, please feel free to contact us.

    Vibration Isolators - Wire Mesh Cushions

    One of the many vibration isolation products Stop-choc design and manufacture are wire mesh cushions.

    What is a Wire Mesh Cushion?
    Wire mesh cushions are essentially stainless steel wires crimped, rolled or compressed into any geometric shape that is required for a specific application. They are supplied into various markets and provide a solution to many different applications.
    o Automotive
    o Autosport
    o Truck
    o Bus
    o Rail
    o Marine
    o Renewable Energy
    Features and benefits 28July.JPG
    o Vibration Isolation
    o Shock Suppression
    o Hydraulic Mounting Systems
    o Pumps, Manifolds & Pipe Supports
    o Fuel Injectors
    o Thermal Isolators
    o Flame Arrestors
    o Suspension Bump Stops
    o Engines & Gearboxes
    o Generators & Compressors
    o Exhaust Mounting
    o Electronics & Sensors

    Wire Mesh Cushions to meet your needs

    Stop-choc can offer cushions in various standard sizes and shapes or to bespoke design to suit your specific needs. We specialise in producing cushions according to your requirements, so you simply need to contact us with your specifications and we will be more than happy to assist you.

    Instrument Panels - CLAROPAN Illuminated Control Panels & Display Systems

    CLAROPAN develops and manufactures integrated lighting technology in the aerospace, railroad and defense markets. CLAROPAN develops a range of lighting products and on-board electronic systems such as destination displays and Man/Machine interface (MMI) systems, control boxes and alarm boxes.

    Expert in on-board display61.jpg
    As a specialist in cockpit lighting technology since 1963, CLAROPAN has progressively extended its know-how to other markets. While the aeronautical industry remains its primary outlet, it continues to make headway in the railroad and defense industries.

    Bringing innovation to light
    CLAROPAN was the first brand to offer LED (light emitting diodes) technology. For specific defense applications, CLAROPAN has developed filtration processes that facilitate the utilisation of night vision binoculars (NVB). CLAROPAN is widely recognised in Western and Continental Europe.

    For more than 40 years, CLAROPAN has developed and manufactured integrated lighting systems in the cockpits of aircraft. It was the first to introduce LED lighting technology on the "Front Instrument Panels" and the activity has developed into the supply of complete and integrated solutions, such as keyboards and control panels.
    Today, CLAROPAN products can be found in a large number of aircraft in the civil, military and business aviation fields. This activity is also very dynamic in the aircraft conversion and avionics systems renovation markets. As a specialist in photometrics, CLAROPAN offers a line of products compatible with the use of Night Vision Glasses (NVG) for military applications.

    With recognised experience in the aeronautical field, the CLAROPAN brand put its knowledge of these engineering markets to practical use by offering lighting and on-board electronic solutions for railroad markets.

    If you have a query regarding illuminated control panels or any Stop-choc products, please feel free to contact us on 01753 533223.

    Vibration Isolation for Every Application

    Stop-choc have enhanced their team of engineers and capabilities to help customers deal with vibration isolation in every type of application or situation. Where customers have vibration and noise issues it can cause reliability problems, health and safety issues, noise, discomfort, difficulty with design and increased costs.

    By utilising Stop-choc's expertise customers can be sure that the optimal vibration isolation solution is put forward. This is backed up by sophisticated analysis using Stop-choc's latest suite of proprietary software which offers clients a clear indication of the vibration isolation system performance.

    Please contact us through our website or by calling our office should you need any further information or assistance.